7 thoughts on “imagine (as John Lennon said)!

      • Yes, am aware. But as you already know, pictures and humour does get the point across more efficiently 🙂 Reminds me of my recent post relating to “the tragedy of the commons”

      • Yes. I find when looking over my overloaded reader of blogs I follow its often to visual quote that catch my eye – the ultimate in fast delivery! (I’ll see if I can catch your post sounds interesting!)

      • Yes, I found it when checking your blog, but didn’t realise it was the one you were talking about at first, I just chose that one. It’s very long so didn’t get to finish it (had to go out). I’ll maybe stop by later to finish it off.maybe

      • No worries, Claire. I do u/std and try not to do long articles unless absolutely necessary. In summary, overwhelming scientific evidence (30,000 independent studies) that humans are causing global warming is not translating to popular opinion and consumer etc action for Climate Change. Hence, the sad tragedy as of today. Cheers!

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