Watch it may save a loved one’s life!


A must watch! (If you haven’t already). Don’t be put off by the slightly amateur presentation at the beginning wait till the facts kick in! I’ve found this viewpoint borne out with friends who chose chemo/radiation or natural therapy. Guess who’s still around?

4 thoughts on “Watch it may save a loved one’s life!

    • If only! That’s great God bless you for that (your site). So many suffer and die, destroying families, robbing the world of so many good folks. It’s one of the few things that makes me angry. I find it hard to understand how anyone can put money over compassion. I don’t blame the doctors, I know they do their best, but some folks know exactly the score on these things.

  1. Very interesting video, Claire! It will be wonderful if people / the authorities can put the contrasting evidence/parties from both sides together and clarify the issues, even do a full investigation to shed light on the debate.

    • If only they would, but they wont do that – word would get out . More disturbingly 11 holistic doctors have been found dead (murder/ “suicide”) in two months. These folks don’t play by the rules. I’m just thankful for the fact my 5 friends that discovered the truth are still alive and cancer free years later – the others sadly are not. (Sorry I’m a bit outspoken about this but I loved those guys, and I hate to see others loved ones die just to line someone’s pockets. )

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