Wisdom of the waters.



Learn the songs and wisdom of the waters. Did you know waters “sing”? Picture the pounding of ocean waves, a rippling stream, the soft flow of the river, even the rhythmic drip of a leaky tap.
Water sings in its yieldedness, rejoices in its path, not fearful, for it cannot be destroyed only transformed. Sometimes solid and still, binding time in its grasp. Sometimes transformed to mist it vanishes, to journey on the breath of the wind. Becoming as nothing it takes wings.

Flowing on its journey it takes all contours and dimensions, the round, rocky pool, the turbulent river, the gushing falls. It does not change its essence, rather the obstacles through which it passes change, are transformed by its presence.

Enjoy water as it cleanses and invigorates. See yourself like a rippling brook, not big enough to drown in, but pleasant to the eye and ear, refreshing to the skin. Flow on the paths set before you seeking the lowliest ground, for there you’ll progress the fastest. Things around may be stagnant, unmovable (save for our presence) but our spirits, like water, can flow freely into any mould or shape.

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