9 thoughts on “Do you have one?

    • very wise. I’ve found if we commit our ways to Him He generally places the right desires in our hearts. I think there is great need on Christian writers.
      I had a strange encounter with what I believe may have been an angel during a very difficult time in my life. Never having spoken or met she proceeded to tell me not to despair that in the future I would write. My younger days were occupied with teaching, volunteer work and raising my kids, but now I believe that time has come (at 64 I really should get started on it lol!)

      • Yes, I find very troubling the modern turn of literature to the dark, discouraging and perverse. I feel writing should be inspiring and motivational. Blessings on your writing!

      • Immorality, serial killers, zombies, and dark fantasy. Yuck! We need to inject some Truth back into the mainstream and clean up some of the polluted water. Blessings on your work, as well.

  1. hooklineandinkwell

    Great goal…mine is to live a simple life and to write the rest of my days away in the solitude of my piece of paradise.

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