We start a little earlier here…


From November 2014. I went this year also but due to Grandson duties didn’t take photos (my poor daughter was sick in bed and missed it.)

Song Bird Songs

ricky christmas fair 008

Well we do, maybe it’s because we don’t have Thanksgiving but Christmas (and its accompanying planning and present buying) is in already full swing.

Here are some random pics. of our local Christmas fair. The little town I live in can trace its history back over 1,000 years and is recorded in the Doomsday book (William the Conqueror’s catalog of what he got at Hastings in 1066 – for non UK history students.). Of course the present buildings are no where near that old but they are perfect for a backdrop to a Christmas fair.
ricky christmas fair 010

Christmas parade to start the evening.

ricky christmas fair 019

Exploring the stalls.

ricky christmas fair 034

The most “in theme” thing I saw, an old gentleman with his tiny organ grinder collecting for charity next to the Punch and Judy show (not sure what they were doing there but the kids loved it) ricky christmas fair 038

Lastly choosing one of the many food stalls to…

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