Christmas misconceptions



A friend shared how she was dreading Christmas.

“Why?” I asked, sad she didn’t share my joy.

She explained, every year she has to suffer affluent, obnoxious relatives lecturing her about her alternate lifestyle, and how she’s afraid her son might feel bad with his more simple presents etc. (she’s an artist and lives on a canal boat with her partner and son – lovely lady!). I suggested, enduring the day for the sake of family unity, but having a separate Christmas of their own before or after. She liked the idea.

Pondering about it later I thought how much closer she was to the real story.

The true wonder of Christmas is that God didn’t choose an affluent Roman villa, or well to do folks. He chose a humble middle eastern village under enemy occupation, a place among animals, probably a bit smelly and definitely poor. He didn’t go with the “status quo”.

Nowadays the spirit of Christmas is often camouflaged, distorted by greedy, media advertising.  Maybe that’s why my daughter and I are jumping up and down (sometimes literally) with joy that its “that season” while others seem bogged down in preparations etc.


3 thoughts on “Christmas misconceptions

  1. Indeed, it has been a while now that the commercial Christmas took the edge, despite the clear lack of spirituality and simple things in our western societies.
    Thanks for this nice story, it’s good to see people who haven’t lost the sense of what’s real. 🙂

    And also thanks a lot for the like on my blog the other day 🙂

    All the best

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