Finding someone to love. (Just for Fun).


from November 2014

Song Bird Songs


Finding someone to love is a bit like finding a good pair of shoes. Whereas fashionable 3 inch stilettos make you look great one tends to go around in a perpetual state of discomfort. Boots are strong and sturdy, they protect your feet and generally give long service but we tend to feel bound up in them and it’s always a relief to take them off.

Me? I like guys that remind me of cosy bedroom slippers you can slip into at the end of a hard day and feel comfy with! Lol!

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12 thoughts on “Finding someone to love. (Just for Fun).

      • Yeah I totally understand that. I usually take long breaks in between relationships, first to heal and regain a sense of self, then second, to take time to find someone appropriate. I often stumble into a new relationship quite unexpectedly as in most cases I’m not even looking or have come to the conclusion that the good ones are dead, married or have been abducted by aliens lol. Then a kind soul finds me locked away in my own little world convincing myself that God made me strong enough to be single so I might as well get used to it. He forces my heart open and so it begins again… Hopeless romantic I know ☺

        Good luck with your search

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