The only effective way to stop ISIS.


So now my own country has joined in the bombing (UK).

I haven’t heard a single voice in favour, (and it’s a hot topic!) Everyone seems horrified that they could be so stupid. It has come to a bad state where even the most uninformed and uneducated has more sense than those who are in power. (But then sadly I doubt they are really that stupid, I’d venture corruption, either by greed or manipulation.)

I can see a possible need for force in some situations, but generally speaking you can’t bomb a philosophy, you have to disprove it. All this bombing is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The way to stop a fire is to not feed it, and douse its oxygen supply with compassion, camaraderie and love.

7 thoughts on “The only effective way to stop ISIS.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback.
      As to the government I suspect if one digs deep enough, as usual one may find oil and finances at the bottom.
      I saw a disturbing video documenting the US weapons used by ISIS (common knowledge) more disturbing was it seems ISIS exports oil to finance operations and many countries (Turkey in particular) are buying it interfering with Putin’s sales – hence his involvement. They could stop ISIS sans violence by not buying the oil. Sigh!

      • oh, I didn’t know about the oil exportation.. it makes me sad to know that there are so many issues that could be settled if those with the power just decided to do something for the greater good rather than what’s good for them.

      • Yes, human nature I guess (though there are so many wonderful folks, but somehow they don’t end up in power or they become corrupted on the way.)

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