Worth a thought!


I have no idea if these figures are wholly accurate, (do cows really kill that many people?)but they are certainly thought provoking due to the fact proportionally they can’t be that far off!
One less obvious thought occurred to me also:
Although beheading by ISIS is intensely traumatic (and something I’d definitely want to avoid!) it is relatively quick and painless compared to the slow torture endured during death by big pharma!


4 thoughts on “Worth a thought!

  1. I’m not convinced we owe big pharma all the blame analogous to not blaming McDonald’s for the current obesity epidemic. Consumers have a responsibility to learn what it takes to be healthy. If they relinquish this responsibility to their medical doctors, they know the “solutions” provided will come in a prescription bottle. There are enough resources today to help guide people into transitioning their lives in a healthy direction. If they choose to avoid these options, it becomes unfair to point fingers at any organization. Who is forcing the pills down their throat? Who is forcing their vehicles to drive to McDonalds and consume their products? As a doctor and advocate for natural solutions, I believe we need to make everyone aware that factual (accurate or not) statistics and photos should not necessarily place all the blame on these industries. They are providing services and products the consumer is DEMANDING. Where is the personal ACCOUNTABILITY?

    • agreed to a point, and for sure food manufacturers share a lot of blame, but many things out there on the market are dangerous and the manufacturers know it, yet they continue to market these products to line their pockets. Most folks seem to be remarkably ignorant of the dangers, blindly trusting doctors and drug manufacturers. I agree on personal accountability when the person is aware of the choice involved, but unfortunately relatively few are.

      • As a physician I have educated the public for over 20 years. I can assure you the public is not that naive. Pharmaceutical commercials are required to relay drug side effects on TV commercials. This has not reduced the desire to swallow a pill rather than modify a lifestyle. I truly wish I could agree with you. During my career I would have preferred managing healthy people than “undoing” the damage they caused themselves.

      • I don’t know how it is where you live but here in the UK at least I find its mostly the highly educated that know about these things. The common Joe on the street seems totally unaware for the most part. It’s wonderful that you do that (try to educate folks).I take my hat off to you! I agree there are those too lazy to take action. As you said that is their choice, but most I find don’t realise there is a choice or they mistakenly go for the advertised “healthy foods” which are often worse that the original (sugar substitutes, processed low fat foods, decaffeinated drinks etc.) I’m so happy there are some doctors like you, most would rather prescribe a pill. It must be frustrating.

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