22 thoughts on “Good observation.

  1. Chris Rock speaking on behalf of something? The nature of filth that comes from his mouth on any given occasionally forever bars this immoral creature from Eden. Which is where we first learn of Chris Rock’s father.
    With Him, it is never said, WHO DAT BABY DADDY?

      • Yes of course. I totally agree. I have read NEIN KAMPH by Adolph Hitler and found him to make absolute truth in his statements. He should be quoted at every instant. 🙂

      • Cool down, Danny. You have the advantage of having known this quoter. For me (us), out of the Blue, on the face value of a statement, etc, etc.

        I have not read mein kamph, but if even that low life hitler had said some good things, then I would look at the good things, and use them for life, if they are worth it.

      • Subject hardly closed, Danny. At least, in our case, We quoted something on the merit, not on face value. How about your having ‘completed’ the mein kamph, in spite of knowing (about) its author?

      • swamiyesudas I wanted to explain that I have removed the last two comments from Danielsion. All opinions are welcome here but I do expect them to be expressed in a polite manner respecting the views of fellow bloggers as I would try to do when visiting their blogs.
        It seems this subject/post “touched a nerve” with danielsion for some reason causing him to react in this way. Perhaps he’s going through/ been through something that causes him to react in this way (the comments were full of hurt and anger). It’s not for me to judge. But as this blog is my “online home” I would not like my readers to encounter such things here. (It’s a bit like throwing up, sometimes we all need to, but we should do it in a private place and then clean up.
        I want to thank you for your encouragement and support in this it is most appreciated. I have left your comments as they did not cross the line into being becoming rude or offensive, rather I felt you were pursuing a point. However I don’t think from his reaction Danielsion is able at this point in his life to grasp what you are trying to explain so better to just drop it.
        I’ll continue to delete any future comments that cross the line into being plain rude or offensive. I may even delete the entire post if it becomes a means of contention (the same point is made elsewhere many times on my blog).
        Again thank you for your support in this. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, happy, and love filled Christmas!

      • Thank You, my Dear Claire, for those thoughts. Much Appreciated.

        Yet, somehow I did not find Danny’s comments ‘offensive.’ He is Angry, and I do not mind it.

        The site is Yours and You will maintain what Tone You like, of course.

        Wish You a Wonderful, Love and Peace filled Christmas too! 🙂

      • As I am slowly coming to know the People on the Internet, Danny and You, and so many Others are proving to be Passionately in Love for All things Good.

        We have to Keep together in spite of seeming differences. Regards. 🙂

  2. Sorry Danielsion debate is not my style and I gave up on sarcasm when I got too good – won the engagements but lost relationships. Personally I prefer to always try to see the good points. That’s me. Life is happier that way and long term I tend to win out anyway lol. Have a great non materialistic Christmas!

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