So it has been, so it continues… (flash fiction)



Pain gripped her. There was nowhere to go. Nobody wanted to take them in. She couldn’t have the baby out in this cutting wind. Her husband looked around anxiously as he draped the blanket tigher around her. Even were his remaining money sufficient, no one would take her in in that state.

Snow was beginning to fall. “God help us!” he screamed. A curtain pulled back, a withered face pressed against the window, opening it to see better amid the flurries.

“There’s someone out there in the snow!” It warbled. A younger face joined it, peering hard through the snow.

“Please help us! My wife is having a baby,” the snow clad figure waved its arms.

“It’s more of those damn refugees. None of our business. They should have stayed where they were.” He closed the window firmly gesturing the old lady away. She took one last furtive look of compassion before re-joining her grandson near the Christmas tree at the fireside, her own place in jeopardy.

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