The Secret to a happy new year?


joy jesus

“The same Bible that says Jesus suffered also says He was anointed with the oil of gladness above everyone else and that the joy of the Lord is our strength.” (Andrew Wommack).

(He was abnormally happy and we can be too!)

In this modern world the “pursuit of happiness” tends to focus on exterior circumstances, loving relationships, a good job, house, car etc. Things over which we seldom have full control, things which can be lost in an instant.

So how can we get that inner joy that spills out changing our environment? The best way to explain it is to imagine you are loved and in love with the most wonderful man in the world (I’m sure you have all encountered that “in love” feeling). It’s so powerful nothing else matters.

Knowing we are loved unconditionally by someone powerful enough to protect and provide for us gladdens the heart, but more than that “God is love”. Having his spirit flow through us brings joy in tremendous amounts. This joy gives great strength and resilience through all life’s storms,


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