God is far more concerned with who you’re becoming than where you’re going.


Even if not a believer it is a profound truth of life that what we are becoming is far more important than where we are going or what we are achieving.
I’ve found some of the toughest times in life have softened and molded my character transforming the arrogance and pride of my youth to more patience and compassion.
On stating that a very opinionated and argumentative family member reminded me of myself at that age. My youngest daughter, bless her heart, said, “but mum I can’t imagine you ever being like that.” I laughed, and said you’d never believe how much “tenderizing” it took to get me this far!
The secret of contentment in old age is being at peace with yourself, liking who you have become (even if we are none of us perfect.) No great achievement can satisfy if we cannot look to our heart with the peace of surrender.


My early start.


It was the early 50’s. London was slowly recovering from the war, but like many other mums mine needed to work. If there were nurseries and childcare centers we didn’t seem to know of them. Instead my mother made hundreds of gathered swimsuits at home on her Singer sewing machine. My nursemaid? Not a movie ploy. It was a fluffy mongrel called Dusty, loosely resembling an old English sheep dog.
He would watch over me wherever I went, ready to lick my bumps and scratches or run barking for my mum if he felt I was in danger. Later were added a cat and a rabbit ( see “How a rabbit saved my life”). We all played and got on well together. In fact I was so well integrated into my animal society of friends that as a small child I still remember my dismay on hearing that I would grow up to be a woman not a horse as I’d hoped. (Sounds crazy but true).
I seemed to have an affinity with animals, even the most standoffish would come for an ear rub or tummy tickle. As I grew older and went to school my interests varied, I made new human friends,but my liking for animal company has never changed. Though I cannot have pets where I live my visits to my daughter’s houses never fail to find their dogs noses perminantly positioned on my lap, a process of mutual enjoyment.

In sickness and in health.


Thankfully I’m very seldom sick and then not for long. I’d been home with both my grandsons having bouts of flu one after the other, but my daughter and littlest grandson being away to visit daddy in Germany I was planing lots of busyness to “catch up”.
Then yesterday I woke up with a headache, sore throat and a runny nose trying to take over. I realized my plans needed to change.Stocking up on extra fruit etc. after my school cycle run, I headed for bed with huge volume of Dickens ( a Christmas gift I’d yet to indulge in)and my current favourite sickness remedial audios (Andrew Wommack’s “Christian Survival Kit”).
Whiling away the day till school pick up reading, listening and dozing I realized I was actually enjoying it immensely. I wasn’t sick, sick, just co operating with my body so it could fight better, my main symptom was extreme tiredness (my body monopolizing energy to fight the infection). In fact I realized this was something my mind and spirit really needed – chill time! I had a great day. Writing in my journal last night I thought just how crazy that was. I guess “in everything give thanks” came alive!