Meeting Millie.


Millie overwhelmed me, to say the least. She was one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever seen, the kind that you just stare at breathless. However Millie seemed totally unaware of any aloof dignities, rushing to greet me before we’d even been introduced.
My friend explained that Millie lived with her son, but due to some accommodation falling through, she was staying with her a few days. She hoped we didn’t mind her coming along for the walk.
I didn’t mind at all, but felt a little uncomfortable being escorted by such a “celebrity”. Everyone was staring at her (and us). With her perfect grooming and exquisite physique she literally bowled one guy off his feet (his wife was very upset about it.)
With supreme confidence she greeted everyone we passed. No one could ignore Millie.
Personally I was mesmerized. It was not only her beauty but the very way she moved that captivated me. (My friend had mentioned that she was from a very good family, well bred.)
They’d been stuck at home all day and Millie was eager to take in the great outdoors and explore the lakes with us. She wanted to take in everything in youthful abandon. My friends admonishments to walk sedately with us and attract less attention fell on deaf ears. You see Millie is after all canine, a one year old, silver Great Dane!

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