Are we being manipulated?


“Only the farmers are free because they are not dependent on anyone else,” says father to son in “Farm Boy” (part of the “Little House on the Prairie”series I long ago read with my kids). The statement stayed with me. I love this series as a historical how to, survival guide. “Pa” could do everything, build a house, barn, furniture, grow crops,smoke bacon, hunt, trap and generally survive in the wild (Bear Grills has nothing on those 19th. century pioneers!) Many of the books explain just how he did it too. (If you thought they were just old fashioned kids stories think again – packed full of social historical detail)
Why has this statement stuck with me? The elder brother wanted to go into business where life was easier and more lucrative. Father was explaining to his younger son (Laura’s future husband) why he felt farming was better.Farming has changed a great deal from those times (and seems under attack from big corporations)yet I think there is a kernel of truth still in Pa’s statement. There are few professions in which we can be truly free to live according to our conscience without manipulation from the powers that be.
Living most of my life as a private tutor and children’s entertainer I had a large measure of freedom but not as much as these early pioneers. Of course a great factor is is our being greedy, the more we want the more we are open to manipulation.

8 thoughts on “Are we being manipulated?

  1. Greed is an interesting concept. Many share a misbelief that “more is better.” In many cases, the price one pays for “more” requires sacrificing one’s ethics and morals. Losing integrity and emotional self value is a price many believe that “more” overcomes. It doesn’t. “More” creates further distance and a greater lack of communication between one’s heart and one’s brain if left “unbridled.” If the “hunger” for “more” creates the frenzy needed to achieve the goal, the realization of the price paid for this outcome is often tragic.
    I once read a statement that made an impact on my life. It said, “I once met a man that was so poor, all he had was money.”

    • I like that statement too! I totally agree. To often we can “sell our lives hour by hour for money”. I always found being content with the basics materially speaking a great key in keeping a good balance. Sometimes I’ve been blessed with abundance but never sought it.

  2. The more we want from government, the greater the opportunity for manipulation given to them. The Fed in the U.S. has control over everything even, small farmers. Government is the number one industry yet, they produce nothing. I don’t see how such a top-heavy, corrupt system can last. In that I take hope even though I know the crash will be resounding!

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