In sickness and in health.


Thankfully I’m very seldom sick and then not for long. I’d been home with both my grandsons having bouts of flu one after the other, but my daughter and littlest grandson being away to visit daddy in Germany I was planing lots of busyness to “catch up”.
Then yesterday I woke up with a headache, sore throat and a runny nose trying to take over. I realized my plans needed to change.Stocking up on extra fruit etc. after my school cycle run, I headed for bed with huge volume of Dickens ( a Christmas gift I’d yet to indulge in)and my current favourite sickness remedial audios (Andrew Wommack’s “Christian Survival Kit”).
Whiling away the day till school pick up reading, listening and dozing I realized I was actually enjoying it immensely. I wasn’t sick, sick, just co operating with my body so it could fight better, my main symptom was extreme tiredness (my body monopolizing energy to fight the infection). In fact I realized this was something my mind and spirit really needed – chill time! I had a great day. Writing in my journal last night I thought just how crazy that was. I guess “in everything give thanks” came alive!

6 thoughts on “In sickness and in health.

  1. Sounds like you gave your body exactly what it needed to naturally restore its vitality. If more of us would listen to our body’s needs, we’d likely be more satisfied with the outcome. Well done!

    • Thanks! This one is turning out to be a toughie though. Unfortunately the symptoms got worse next day (instead of disappearing as usual), so I’m still fighting it out. I guess sometimes we just get a bit rundown or maybe that particular sickness is new to our immune system so takes longer defeat. I’m thankful I’m able to rest, have a great family fruit and veggie shop around the corner, and my sweet daughter (who got back last night) did the school pick up for me. I know I’ll soon be dashing around again and this slower time will help me to evaluate and appreciate things more.

    • thanks! A lot better today but still a way to go. I was well enough to wash my hair, bedding, dressing gown etc. and thoroughly air out the apartment though which is a great inspiration. Nothing like the sweet smell of outdoors to lift the spirits!

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