It feels so good when it stops.


Yes, in spite of my former up beat post, instead of a quick knock out punch this flu went several rounds lasting a whole week and leaving behind an annoying urinary tract infection as a departing gift.
Ugh! You think too much information. I agree, very hard on the pride (not the kind of thing you want to mention). It’s also quite restricting I discovered (always needing to be within 2 mins. of a bathroom makes life challenging.)But now it’s finally beaten life is sweet. I have a whole bunch of stuff I’m so thankful for that I never appreciated before, not least being able to get a wonderful refreshing night’s sleep ah! Life is good!


4 thoughts on “It feels so good when it stops.

  1. You have been through quite a bit lately. Maybe you need a little more recovery time than you’ve given yourself. Come back slow to prevent relapsing. Make certain you work on altering that blood PH to create an unfriendly environment for your bacterial infection and stay well hydrated. Secondary opportunistic infections love finding susceptible people to attack. Have a restful rest of the weekend. Wishing you better health quickly!

    • thank you for your advice. It is appreciated. I’m trying to keep up a high water intake (plus still drinking cranberry juice which is a natural cure I heard) but the advice to take it slow is probably needed as I tend to rush in to catch up everything etc.

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