A bit of a rant.


Sometimes we are made to feel guilty,but really it is upside down and inside out.
Whether you believe we are a creation of God or a random bleep of evolution the concept remains. “In the beginning” everything was free. You had to earn it in a sense by foraging, hunting, farming or building, but nothing was owned. Now corporations want to sell us our own water (pretty soon they’ll start bottling the air!)
The basic math is if some take more than they need others have less (and some folks can sure be greedy!)This world belongs to us all, not just the multi national corps. the corrupt politicians that rule or those shadowy figures that lurk behind the scenes pulling the strings.
It was not this way in the beginning and it will not be this way in the end. I’m not against the rich if they use their money in a benevolent way, care for their workers, produce ethical, quality goods, but to a large degree world economics doesn’t work that way.
That’s why I’m so adamantly against the extreme promotion of evolution in our schools.This generation are being taught if you are stronger you have an evolutionary right to prey on the weaker, it’s just nature. I seem to remember Hitler being big on that!
That’s also why I would embrace Christian ethics even were I not a believer. It contradicts evolution, teaching that the strong should care for the weak.

8 thoughts on “A bit of a rant.

  1. Excellent point. I am not convinced it is the responsibility of the wealthy to financially pay for those who may not have, but, rather their responsibility to offer assistance to teach those and prepare those who do not have to LEARN how to grow and benefit from all that exists. I believe in providing opportunities and leaving up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to pursue this path. In my opinion, redistributing wealth, in and of itself, does not provide long term solutions.

  2. What I want is the freedom to care for myself and then for those weaker than myself. The government, which in the U.S. is married to big corporations now, don’t want independent citizens. They want all of us on the Government teet either because we work for them or we benefit from their ‘entitlements’. They are crushing small business in every form and to be an independent small business person in the U.S. today means being a slave to required insurances and taxes that pay for the benefits of those who are part of the fascist’s system but remain forever out of their reach. They call ‘the fittest’ ruling class elites and the rest of us are second class hump-back-suckers. A bit of a rant of my own. We’re on the same page today.

    • Yes, I totally agree, it is all about control and manipulation. Another lie is that vast amounts of taxes go to social benefits. I saw a graph for the US and over half goes to military spending (to protect the interests of those same corporations) and only a tiny, tiny slither of what is left goes to social welfare. In the UK huge amounts go into corporate subsidies and even here very little in social welfare. I think it is a deliberate ploy to eradicate small private businesses because of their very independence.

      • In the U.S. the military is a corporation unto itself. They’ve had a lot of control for a long time. Government jobs outnumber private jobs in the U.S. now and I know it has been that way in England for awhile now. When that happens, it becomes almost impossible to go back because people vote their pocketbook. I am experiencing in real-time the eradication of the small, independent business. Traditionally, small business has been the backbone of the American economy. Obama has done a very good job in breaking our back but only, because so many Americans never understood how our economy works or why it has been so strong. Everyone wants ‘help’ now and they’ve sold our freedom to get it.

  3. I ‘liked’ your post because it was well written and kept my attention throughout. But I do think you have fundamentally misunderstood the theory of evolution in assuming that it ‘gives’ the strong a ‘right’ to prey on the weak. Evolution is just a process, not an ideology. It’s neither good nor bad. It doesn’t think or decide – it just is. And if we are talking about ‘rights’ being granted to those who may not deserve them – what about your particular God ‘giving’ man – the planet’s most vicious and successful predator – dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Genesis 1:28). On the basis of which man has decided he has a ‘right’ to kill and eat his fellow creatures when he doesn’t, physiologically, need to do so, to survive; imprison them in zoos and cages for his own amusement and torture them in scientific experiments to save his own skin. Maybe you should examine your Christian ethics more closely.

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond and for your like.
      I should explain more clearly perhaps (rants tend to be rants lol!) Whereas I agree evolution should not be an ideology I fear it now is. When I was at school it was taught as a scientific theory and received no greater influence on our young minds than any other scientific principal. I cannot speak for the US but definitely here in the UK that is no longer the case. It pervades every subject and more dangerously invades areas of moral and philosophical teaching. It has lent itself far too easily to eugenics and Hitler’s extermination of the Jews etc. as inferior races. I understand if you choose to see it differently, most do. (This was my personal rant, I don’t expect everyone to agree) I’d actually love to be proved wrong on this one (as there is nothing I can do to stop it) but invariably again and again particularly in these senseless mass killings evolutionary ideology comes up again and again.
      I’m in agreement about the animals. God gave us dominion and told us to care for the earth (animals included.) We were never meant to abuse them. The killing of animals both for food and sacrifice came about as a result of the sins of mankind, it wasn’t so “in the beginning”. I could get into the theology but I don’t know if you are a Christian or not so I’ll leave it there lest this become long and tedious.
      As I said it was a rant of my personal views, I don’t expect everyone to agree.

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