True strength.


Like trees we must bend with the winds and gales of life. If too  rigid we’ll break and come crashing down. Learn from the trees, be flexible, but rooted deep in the earth. This is true strength.

I heard it again yesterday, passed on by my daughter. “He said you’ve always had such strong faith.”I sure don’t feel that way. I know my weakness. If I have strength it is in leaning hard on Jesus.

Resting, sick, (again sigh!) looking at the trees sway outside my window today, He spoke to my heart.

“See,” He said, “like the trees you must bend, move with life. Your roots go deep, no need to fear a little wind, learn to dance in its embrace.”

For years I’ve hardly ever been sick, I’d learnt to resist and fight it. Everyone else got sick but me, hardly never! I’d nurse my coughing, sneezing grand-kids through colds and flu and fevers, secure in the knowledge that I’d not get it myself. Now suddenly three things one after another (thankfully all minor – but somewhat shaking my too rigid belief that “I wont catch it.”) It’s not just my feeling poorly. I realized I must have developed some pride (rigidity) – “That doesn’t happen to me. I don’t get sick.” Yes it can! I realised abruptly.

Looking at the trees I understand. My strength is in my roots, they enable me to sway, but if I become too rigid in any doctrine and lose my flexibility I can be uprooted. Help me Lord to keep my roots wrapped tight in the embrace of your words, but help me sway, stay flexible, open to the winds and currents of life. Let these minor ailments blow through my branches taking with them any old dead twigs or branches that are no longer needed. Help me feel the exhilaration of your presence, in sickness and in health.


6 thoughts on “True strength.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We have this similar life philosophy in China from ancient people. Sometimes there are obstacles and high pressure in life, we need to be flexible to deal with them.

  2. transformationearth

    I agree, it’s so important to have both strong faith and flexibility. If we become rigid, our faith is not alive and it can’t grow. But if we are not rooted in faith, then we get blown about in the wind. Balance is key 🙂

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