Our Easter fun.



Despite a deluge of English weather (rain, cloud sun, rain, cloud sun  etc.) we had a wonderful Easter party – though the petting zoo was somewhat neglected after the boys discovered my grandson’s nerf gun collection during one of the outbursts of rain.lol! Hope your Easter was equally enjoyable.

Happy Easter


Absolutely awesome portrayal!

Rivers Renewed

2015-04-11 22.26.47

Fiction inspired by facts.

It was dark, it was damp, and cold. Nothing could be heard except a drop of water dripping from somewhere, once every few seconds. Was He dead really? Yes a number of people had handled His body, and they did not see Him breathing. His skin was cold, blue, and as hard as a rock. Wounds no longer bled.

But at some point, here in this cave, the earth began to shake, and somehow there was a light that pierced the thick walls of the cave. Heaven opened and broke down the doors of death, while angels sang. The intensity of the light was so bright nothing else could be seen, but the great work of restoration began.

His skin began to soften and what was left of his heart and lungs was made whole. A heartbeat, His first in days, shook the ground like thunder…

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I’m impressed!


I haven’t been to the cinema in years but my curiosity to see this one enticed me to make the effort (I much prefer to watch movies at home). I’m so glad I did. I have to give this one 5 stars (despite the  expected groans of the critics).


  1. It lacked the weaknesses and “churchy” atmosphere often plaguing Christian movies. (There are so many great stories in the Bible that could enrich our diet. I think Christian directors do a great job on a limited budget, but these stories could be so much more.).
  2. It had a great plot and for the most part was well acted.
  3. It was historically accurate as regards, costume, sets etc. quite a convincing portrayal of Roman Palestine, dirt, mess, warts and all.
  4. Jesus was not portrayed as handsome or outstanding, but with a wonderful smile and sparkling eyes that lit up during conversation – perfect casting and acting.
  5. The disciples also looked and acted like very ordinary.characters, confused, excited, human.
  6. I could identify very much with the tribune and his doubts, my mind worked in a similar way.
  7. Jesus is portrayed as very personal in his interactions, the miracles only a backdrop to his love for each one.
  8. I’m very picky about movies, and hate the same old predictable plots etc. but this one I believe stands on its own as a mind provoking  quality film even for non Christian  audiences, good viewing for Easter!