spring, spring, spring!


The sun is shining, my back is a little stiff from allotment digging, and there are trays of pansies and viola bedding plants waiting in the kitchen to go in the border outside my door. My lilies and roses still frangance the downstairs rooms and now the hyacinth ( both mother’s day gifts) wafts sweet perfume across the keys of my laptop as I type. Spring is here and everyone is wearing a smile!

6 thoughts on “spring, spring, spring!

  1. Everything truly is lovely EXCEPT my poor Beagle’s allergies. Working on finding better natural anti-histamines for the little man.
    Enjoy the beautiful house scents!

      • I appreciate your thoughtful wishes. He is gradually accepting the situation with a better attitude. He isn’t thrilled with his newly modified nutrition plan. I have given him a “blow out day” weekly, increased his meals from 2-3/day, and only give him foods that he claims to like. He is used to eating out everyday and eating all the foods that damage one’s health. This is where the biggest battle shall remain!

      • yes, health is often a life change and not always easy at the beginning. There has to be a strong motivation. He is very lucky to have a son like you to give him such good advice and help.

    • Ah yes, I’d forgotten about kites. We don’t do it much here, but I remember them in the Spring in China and Taiwan. It’s a wonderful way to greet the season!

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