sometimes God makes me laugh!


As always God answered wonderfully, providing every item on the detailed appartment/house hunting list my daughter and I made and claimed in prayer

  1. Within her budget (in an area where renting is so competitive tenants out bid each other) it was marked down!
  2. Close by (literally round the corner.)
  3. Central heating, double glazed, good standard etc. etc. (even has a small garden).
  4. What was so funny? We claimed good security. Looking at a small sign on the side of the building I read, “Police Station”. lol!
  5. (It’s the old, original one for our little town, long since converted into a cute cottage!)

2 thoughts on “sometimes God makes me laugh!

    • yes, we even discovered the “ugly looking yellow blinds” in what will be my grandsons room were concealing the perfect cute animal frieze when pulled down matching his bright cupboard and dino theme!

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