songbirds sing.


Message to self.

My posts have been tending to get increasingly negative. While idealism and compassion are good and some things need to be exposed, this blog was intended as an expression of praise and gratitude. I need to get back to my original precept.

Song birds sing even when it rains!

6 thoughts on “songbirds sing.

  1. It is hard if you have been experiencing challenges not to be a little negative, Claire. I totally would have understood. I tend to only read every other post sometimes of anyone I care about. I just have such a limited amount of freetime. Working last week 47 hours. . . I care and hope you will have enjoyment in switching back to positive posts. I rant occasionally, we all do! Smiles, Robin

    • thanks Robin!Thankfully it’s generally not so much my own life that can get me down as things going on in the world (sometimes I can have too much empathy) but its better to let in the light than to try to fight the darkness.

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