songbirds sing.


Message to self.

My posts have been tending to get increasingly negative. While idealism and compassion are good and some things need to be exposed, this blog was intended as an expression of praise and gratitude. I need to get back to my original precept.

Song birds sing even when it rains!

Political Idiocy.


Sometimes the stupidity of politics outrages me (mostly as I suspect the people involved are not really stupid!)

i understand (though I don’t condone it) that the political/economic system is set up to serve the super rich elite (those fabled 1% who have the semi rich firmly in their pockets and forced to play their capitalistic games by “the rules”.) I know this is why they choose to slice the income of the incapacitated with one hand while giving tax breaks and subsidies to big corporations with the other. Even so some things make no sense at all.

Some examples:

1) Constantly upping retirement age. With a limited amount of jobs available someone is going to end up on benefits. Us old age pensioners are relatively cheap to keep, many have their own homes/ private pensions and no dependents (other than the odd dog or cat). A young to middle age man out of a job generally has a family to support and especially nowadays is caught in the trap of highly expensive private rental. Do the math! I know the young man may not be qualified to do the job early retirement would leave open, but the jobs would shuffle down the line to reach his level.

2) Having a minimum wage (a very good thing) but not making it obligatory for employers to pay it. Instead the government tops it up with benefits. Not only is this financial nonsense but its humiliating for those that need to claim it and tends to deplete self esteem needed to climb the ladder.

3) Selling council houses (they’ve been doing it since Margret Thatcher’s day) when there is an incredible shortage of housing available. Instead many hard working families in full time employment are forced to claim housing benefit in order to pay increasingly exorbitant rates to private landlords (for non UK folks a 2 bed apartment is usually at least £1250 per month where I live and that is not an expensive area  – definitely suburbia). Again do the the math – was it worth it to sell the council houses? Duh!

I could go on but I think you are getting the drift.

(I must add that I’m thankful that at least the social benefits safety net exists – We could be in a far worse system so I do count my blessings! – but some common sense could save money needed to sustain the NHS for example, which this government seems intent to sell to the highest bidder regardless of their integrity.)


sometimes God makes me laugh!


As always God answered wonderfully, providing every item on the detailed appartment/house hunting list my daughter and I made and claimed in prayer

  1. Within her budget (in an area where renting is so competitive tenants out bid each other) it was marked down!
  2. Close by (literally round the corner.)
  3. Central heating, double glazed, good standard etc. etc. (even has a small garden).
  4. What was so funny? We claimed good security. Looking at a small sign on the side of the building I read, “Police Station”. lol!
  5. (It’s the old, original one for our little town, long since converted into a cute cottage!)

spring, spring, spring!


The sun is shining, my back is a little stiff from allotment digging, and there are trays of pansies and viola bedding plants waiting in the kitchen to go in the border outside my door. My lilies and roses still frangance the downstairs rooms and now the hyacinth ( both mother’s day gifts) wafts sweet perfume across the keys of my laptop as I type. Spring is here and everyone is wearing a smile!

You+ God = anything!


My heart sings today, not only for another day of spring sunshine, but the culmination of a long term war fought in many battles for someone close to my heart over the past year. Looking back at all the “impossibilities” overcome “campaigns” fought, and sweet fruit of victories I am overcome with joy!

Heaven will be amazing, I can’t wait to go, but who would trade the bitter sweet privilege to make a difference while we’re here.

life is good!


I’ve come downstairs the last two days not to the sickly smell that it seemed I could never quite get rid of (we seemed to be taking it in turns to be sick over the last month) but to the glorious smell of the lilies in my mother’s day bouquet. They were beautiful from the beginning but now they fragrance the whole apartment. The sun has been shining and spring is promising it’s arrival. My hyacinth (another mother’s day gift) has doubled in size promising future fragrance. Such encouraging pressies for the tail end of winter!
Not only that but my daughter (who’s been staying with me since returning to the UK) has just found a cute little place just around the corner for her and her son and hopes to move in right after Easter. You can see why I’m smiling!