turning the page.


Today a new page of my life begins. In some ways it will be as it was before this last chapter, in others not. My youngest daughter and her little son moved last night to their little “place round the corner”. We’ve been working for this a long time, ever since the phone call saying explaining her decision to leave Mexico and later flying back “on a wing and a prayer” to join me here.

There have been many steps, practical and emotional, resolving issues, learning to cope on her own. I’m so happy for her she’s reached this point where she can flap her wings and fly once more, safeguarded by me and her siblings.

Yet its oddly quiet without the intermittent “mummy’s” and I’ll miss her frequent hugs and appreciation. I’ll be more free to write again, have my quiet morning prayer time without interruptions, time to chill when I want, yet I’ll miss their loving warmth. They are close by, we’ll see each other often but it will be different. Perhaps I’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, I hope so..

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