“Where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty”


It’s strange to me how many non believers view Christianity as restrictive, a repressive system of rules. One of its greatest attractions to me has always been its freedom.

This world’s systems of society, economics, politics etc. has always been the thing that seemed restrictive to me. I was always a rebel, but one for good. I hated hypocrisy, self righteousness and the status quo. Guess you could say I had a hippy philosophy even before there were hippies.

Sure God has “rules” but they are all based on love (“all the law is fulfilled in this” – love God and love others.) Simple but tough, so it’s good we get the grace, the spirit and lots of mercy and forgiveness to help us. The point is the things God wants I naturally want to do (though I blow it a lot of course lol!) and they bring me great joy. Love sets us free from hate, guilt, selfishness, envy etc. all of which imprison us and faith can even set us free from fear, sickness, financial problems, even death.

Why would anyone want to be bound when Christ came to set us free? I think it’s due to a misconception often tending towards the old testament rather than the new.

turning the page.


Today a new page of my life begins. In some ways it will be as it was before this last chapter, in others not. My youngest daughter and her little son moved last night to their little “place round the corner”. We’ve been working for this a long time, ever since the phone call saying explaining her decision to leave Mexico and later flying back “on a wing and a prayer” to join me here.

There have been many steps, practical and emotional, resolving issues, learning to cope on her own. I’m so happy for her she’s reached this point where she can flap her wings and fly once more, safeguarded by me and her siblings.

Yet its oddly quiet without the intermittent “mummy’s” and I’ll miss her frequent hugs and appreciation. I’ll be more free to write again, have my quiet morning prayer time without interruptions, time to chill when I want, yet I’ll miss their loving warmth. They are close by, we’ll see each other often but it will be different. Perhaps I’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, I hope so..

Just a sign in an antique shop window.


It’s strange how some tiny “key” opens giant doors in your mind, as if God himself had whispered some profound truth. I’d seen the old sign many times as we passed the shop to and from school, but till yesterday I’d never noticed the line, “Live like Heaven is come on earth”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, don’t wait for it to come in actuality, live that way now! It’s very hard to explain in words. Heaven is here already, God’s love living in our hearts.To bring something to pass you must first be able it visualize it, that’s how miracles happen someone visualizes and believes.

Reading any news report we can see that Heaven has yet to take over from the hate, greed and selfishness of earth, yet we can live as if it has in our hearts, our actions. I agree with Napoleon, “impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” I’ve done a great many “impossible” things in my life. World peace is impossible, an end to poverty is impossible, an end to hate, greed, selfishness is impossible, but is it? If we all lived as if Heaven had come on earth these things would end of themselves and even if we are one among thousands somehow that tilts the scale just a little, like happy gas released into the atmosphere and within our little bubble we could know and share the joys of Heaven..