A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith


Gotta reblog this (though I have no time to finish reading it all now) I so totally agree science and faith go hand it hand. I love science as the fascinating creation of a true artist, my heart leaps with joy at each new discovery of wonder.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith

By:  Gavin Ortlund
© ExploreGod.com

Could science and faith be complementary? Take a look at what Christians think.

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Views on the relation of science and faith cluster around three basic schools of thought. First, science and faith are perceived to be at war with one another. This is one of the tenets of New Atheism and is also prevalent in some fundamentalist religious groups. Second, science and faith are thought to belong to different domains of human experience and inquiry. Thus they are able to coexist peacefully—so long as they remain separate from one another. A prominent example of this view would be what evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould called non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA).1 The third camp is the most diverse and arguably the most interesting. If science and…

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2 thoughts on “A Deeper Look at the Christian View of Science and Faith

  1. God gave us our brains, hearts and all of our “self” which means He included the ability to understand science and how we can become able to heal others through medicine. I love science! 🙂

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