The upward look.


When days are dull and dreary, the colours unrefined,

When faces are not cheery, a smile hard to find.

Then take a look within you as spirits start to soar

The sun above is shining though you don’t see it anymore.

Love is always waiting to take you in its arms,

It’s just the clouds get in between to keep you from its charms.

(Photo from bing images)

3 thoughts on “The upward look.

  1. The picture really captures the beauty of the words. Every time my wife and I see light breaking through clouds like that we both say the word ‘Jesus’ simply because of how He shines down on our lives and sometimes it takes just looking up to see Him as you so wonderfully expressed. Thank you!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it. Yes Jesus is always there with his ray of sunlight. The picture is not mine it was on a friend’s face book but I just loved the image! Blessings!

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