Press the pause button on life.


Sometimes we just need to press the pause button and stop to take in life.

This happened to me yesterday morning. My usual cycle back between the lakes was feeling tedious. I felt myself unconsciously pushing to “get it over with”. Something wasn’t right. The route is glorious and the trees were all decked in gleaming new foliage (even on a dreary day which this was). It had to be me.

Instead of hasting home to get started on that ever present “to do” list I pulled over by a bench, propped my bicycle and sat gazing out over the still waters. Starting to chill I watched the birds (expert chillers!)

There was a small splash in the water. A moor hen was diving for food. Only then I realized what my beleaguered senses had been oblivious to. There was a chick on the lake, the first I’d noticed that year. As I watched, fascinated, the mother passed her wriggling prize on to the baby. I sat contemplating as the mother tirelessly bobbed down again and again providing the chick with a hearty breakfast.

It slowly dawned on me – this was the real world, the continuing one. Oblivious to our petty dealings nature continues its timeless rituals, there’s such peace in that.

(I didn’t have my camera along but this bing photo will give a close idea.)


Speaking of Hands.


Actually my son in law is not the only one to to have a miracle concerning hands.

When I was a new christian I was often so flipped out with joy that I could be quite “spacey”. One morning I was chatting away to a friend when I saw his jaw drop open, eyes agape. I turned to realise the large pot of water I’d put my hand in to place the eggs was in fact boiling. My hand wasn’t even hot!

Much later I told this story to the preteen children of another friend. They thought it was incredible and asked me if I could do it again. I of course replied, “No way!” and proceeded to explain about “tempting God”. A few days later it happened again. I accidentally put my hand in boiling water right in front of them. Again not even a mark. (Needless to say their faith expanded radically.)

Thankfully I’ve long grown out of such ridiculous spaciness but over to last 5 years I’ve twice spilled boiling water over my hand when straining vegetables etc. (These two times with no witnesses). Strangely my hand felt a little cold when it happened and again not so much as a mark. Times without number while cooking I’ve touched something hot, recoiled and put it under cold water, then realized there was no pain or burn.

Why I’ve been privileged to experience this I have no idea (my guardian angel must work overtime lol!) Would I ever try it deliberately? No way lol!

It’s strange how the mind tries to find a way to explain them, how looking back it seems unreal, yet it happened and there is no possible explanation.

I wonder do others of you have stories like this you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!

Sharing the joy!


I seldom share things from my family’s personal life but this one is too good. I have to share it with you all.

A week or so ago a large pile of crates fell on my son in laws right hand while working. Miraculously only the top section of his ring finger was crushed but that was almost severed. Though they sewed it back on and put it in a cast the doctor told him it was highly unlikely he’d keep that part of his finger. We asked a couple of our friends and our best family prayer warriors to pray for him.

The cast just came off and the doctor couldn’t believe his eyes. He said he’d never seen healing like that and if he didn’t know better he’d think it was not the same finger! Needless to say he’ll not be loosing any of it. Praise be to God!

Not only that, but he and my daughter have been through some very rough times in the past few years. This miraculous healing is also a great encouragement to him of Jesus personal love and concern for him as an individual. I’m so happy for them!