The great debate.


Everyone’s talking about it, even my taxi driver, who expressed very much what I was feeling – disgust at the distortion of facts, downright lies and mudslinging clouding the issues and requiring much research to get to the bottom of (if indeed one can). The issue? To leave or remain in the EU.
I was appalled yesterday to find one of my favourite groups joining in by using the murder of MP Jo Cox (by all accounts a sincere advocate of many good causes) to secure votes to remain in Europe – shame on them!
She was an EU supporter who was killed by a member of a fascist US group (Britain First groups were quick to voice that there was no connection whatsoever with them). I’ve yet to establish what was the specific reason for the killing, but it seems unlikely to be because she was pro EU (there are so many pro EU MPs to choose from).
Some seem to be pursuing pro EU goals by labeling pro exit folks racists. I find this very offensive. There are many reasons for leaving the EU I can think of, none of them racist.
Perhaps exiting the EU might even benefit genuine refugees (yes, you heard that right).
Britain is a small island with limited resources to which many would like to come. Unfortunately we cannot take a limitless number. Before the EU, when we were free to choose, we chose mostly those in urgent need of sanctuary, those married to UK citizens and those who would benefit the country by their skills. Open doors to Europeans means less places for refugees, and a very hard time for spouses etc.
I’m sad that given the chance to vote on this, instead of clear facts we are constantly bombarded with propaganda and spin. However the vote goes it is unlikely to be for the right reasons either way. Happy voting whatever your views my UK compatriots.

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