what a surprise!


Whist weeding my allotment one of my fellow gardeners turned on their strimmer to attack the shoulder high grass and weeds that are forever trying to encroach on the edge of our plots. Suddenly a deer jumped out and zigzagged through the plots a few feet away. I knew they visited the allotment and love to dine on our carrots (did you know deer are crazy about carrots – I didn’t).I’d even seen one a couple of times dart across the path between the lakes in the evening, but I never realised they could be hiding so close at hand for the odd nibble!
(It was the same type as pictured above – didn’t have a camera/phone handy.)

One thought on “what a surprise!

  1. Seeing these beautiful animals when least expected creates a wonderful feeling within. Although there are gruesome sides to nature, these moments give us a chance to just enjoy nature at its best.

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