My new accessories!


Sadly a minor slip on the stairs means two weeks of a boot and crutches due to two chipped bones and possible ligament injury. At first I thought it must be broken as the pain was excruciating, I was in shock and felt like throwing up.To even move it was agony.
Things I’m thankful for:
1)It’s just a chip not a break.
2) My daughter was dropping my grandson (he usually comes to my door alone)and coped with wonderful calm and efficiency.
3) After sending prayer request messages in the car the pain dramatically eased before I got to the hospital and I could move the toes again.
We managed to fit the hospital stuff in before my daughter had to leave for a vital board meeting (just ran over 5 mins.)so she was able to drive me home.
4) I’d just done my weekly shopping.
5) I hadn’t yet put my office chair in the garage as planned (it has wheels)
6) Two of my daughters came to cook for me (due to a prior arrangement to meet up)
7) My daughter had helped me sign up to “Net Flix” the day before.
8) All pain had stopped by the afternoon and I never needed the strong pain killers the doctor prescribed.
9) The egg sized swelling on my ankle bone had completely vanished when I took the boot off to go to sleep.
10) It seems even when something bad happens God still takes amazing care of me!

21 thoughts on “My new accessories!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve been rejoicing in so many little things I usually take for granted, like being able to walk from one side of the kitchen to the other again when cooking etc.

    • Sorry don’t really follow your comment, but suffice to say it’s definitely been my experience that God has time for the smallest of things (including egg sized swellings) and I didn’t take any medicine at all. However I would agree he is with us always. Thanks for dropping by.

      • It’s not possible for God to do any magic, what I meant. You got your own healing system for curing. God does miracles, and that is a time taking process. Sometimes he gifts certain alien objects, to combat things. It is known to World as alien implants. If you have any in your body then, it is possible that the healing taken place by it. Otherwise it’s impossible. This implants are given to certain demy Gods, to carry out special task. Using this they can protect themselves from anti-God. When the demy Gods come to us, then the anti-God comes. We tell this demy-Gods as Avatar. I hope that you now understand my message. If your healing is caused by such implants, then you are some kind of Avatar.

      • Thank you for explaining. I appreciate you taking the time. I guess I could say I have an “alien presence” inside in having received Jesus, and he does sometimes miracles in me and through me, but it’s clear our beliefs and perception of life are very different. Much love, go in peace, and may you find that which you seek.

  1. So sorry you had to experience such pain. Although I am usually a supporter of symmetry, I hope there won’t be any need for a matching boot for the other leg! 🙂 Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Almost there thanks. Now just carry a support bandage for in case it gets sore and take immense care on stairs lol!
      Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the weekend.

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