Unbelievable! (Update on my injury).


The orthopedic surgeon I was referred to for further treatment phoned to say they couldn’t find a fracture on my x-rays (weird because they showed the chipped sections to my daughter)so I wouldn’t need to come for further treatment as it was only a soft tissue injury after all.
Hearing that there was no longer any pain or swelling she encouraged me to try to start to walk on it again (keeping the boot for support)to prevent it getting stiff.
I’m now hobbling (due to the boot)around on it without even needing the crutches and still totally pain free, in fact it feels pretty much like normal(I’m going to go slow though.)
Many thanks to those who prayed for it, this surely is not “normal”. It sure felt like a break when it happened(I’m not the fainting type and thought I’d pass out or throw up with the pain) but even a bad sprain couldn’t heal so quickly!
My heart is full of joy!


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