Truth is found in simplicity, never complexity.


I find it hard to explain that statement. I can only say I have found it to be true.
I was blessed with a sound brain that loved to learn, to find how things worked, to find solutions. I was also gifted with a large measure of creativity, both artistically speaking and being able to “think outside the box”. Add to this the blessing of parents high on the benevolence and integrity scale and it’s no wonder I was always a seeker of truth. I questioned everything, science, politics, religion, social interaction, morals, everything!
Yet I found in spite of intensive study “truths” never came by analyzing, they were never the product of my endless thinking, rather they were imbibed, suddenly, effortlessly, in all their intrinsic glory, recognizable in their simplicity as if I’d once known and rediscovered them – absolute.
I suspect a child may stumble across truth more easily than a learned professor, our minds may confirm, but they often get in the way of finding.

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