It’s all in how you see things.


A debate is being played out on my private face book page regarding the shaming of rich, high salaried, MPs who voted for a 30% cut in benefit payments for the disabled.(You can guess which side I’m on lol!)
I’ve always had an “out of the box” type view of life. Many concepts that are widely accepted never made sense to me. For example the concept that the gifted in society (whether by background, inheritance, or talent) are entitled to a better life style than their “inferiors”. To me the more talented/endowed you are the greater your responsibility to use those gifts to help the less fortunate. For that matter the whole economic system under which we live has always seemed evil to me.
God put enough food/resources etc. for everyone to live a good life, but when some get greedy others lack. (And yes it is that simple)!I’ve heard all the excuses, why it is the way it is, but the basic bottom line is, it’s that way because we accept the concept. We can’t see out of the box!
Don’t get me wrong I believe everyone should work (I’d even say it’s a human need)and I have little time for lazy folks, but why the assumption that that work should generate money or be profitable, which perpetuates the system? Some of the most needed work does not generate income.
I guess I was a born “hippy” and have lived too close to Jesus to renounce the old Bible teaching, “he that is greatest among you, let him be servant of all.”

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