Awesome Stories 309


Well worth a reblog. Chill in natures beauty and appreciate the wisdom of the child.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you nature’s magic, kindness, compassion, and better relationships.

Nature’s Magic

I periodically feature Mike Oblinski’s wonderful storm photos, but here is something different from Mike. He and his buddies go on a yearly road trip to get lost and discover new places. I love their sense of adventure and this magical short video offering a brief, but beautiful respite in the mist and woods of the Oregon coast. Enjoy!

Love and Compassion

love, roses, awesome storiesBeyond being a successful neurosurgeon, Dr. James Doty is an advocate for the magic of love. I recently read his book, Into the Magic Shop, telling his story of learning about magic from Ruth. It wasn’t the kind of magic to do tricks, but rather the magic of learning to influence your body, mind, and heart for the good of all. After a challenging childhood, James went on to become a successful…

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