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“I’m not living the life I thought I would lead, but it does have meaning, purpose. There is love… there is joy… there is laughter.”Christopher Reeve

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Time to Inspire


Good one to share. Sometimes we can use tough times as an excuse to be a grump, but it is always worth the effort to stay positive in our interactions and it tends to lift our spirits too.

Orlando Espinosa

You should inspire others by showing them that people can still be kind, compassionate, generous and brave during difficult situations!

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It’s happenned!!!


I’ve been weeping tears of joy, the miracle has been confirmed.

Not only has my granddaughter( who was diagnosed diabetes 1 after almost going into a life threatening coma) been totally off insulin for over two months (with a doctor’s OK of course) but tests have shown it is not just a “honeymoon period” as doctors asserted (meaning her pancreas working was temporary and it would soon collapse). Though her pancreas showed some damage from the attack it is functioning close to normal and at least for the present she  is no longer classified as even diabetes 2!

For those not familiar with these things, diabetes 2 can be treated by diet, but I could find no record of diabetes 1 ever being cured other than by a miracle. She has of course drastically adjusted her diet and will continue to do so (it’s been a life change for their whole family) but that alone could not effect this. I’m so happy I could bounce for joy!

Remains. (sci fi flash fiction)


They were almost in sight now. He craned his head to see, the translucent walls of the craft enabling perfect vision. He glimpsed something far ahead a dingy grey/brown splurge on the horizon contrasting with the intense greens with which he had always been surrounded.

He’d never totally believed it, couldn’t comprehend this side of his own humanity, but there it was before his eyes a vast wasteland of decaying iron and concrete. Here and there a feeble tree or bush strove to bring life to the empty mounds, shriveled and corrupted. No, the “trees here were of another nature, bare metal poles and girders, once the support frames of the towers that had been inhabited, what they had been taught was a “city”, a place innumerable humans dwelled encased in glass and concrete, brick and steel. It was beyond his young comprehension.

It was mandatory to make this trip before taking on an adult role in the community, to learn from the mistakes, to take paths of peace, to understand where greed and anger could lead, to be content with the simple life of forest and lake, grasslands and sea. They were safe now, but the lesson had been learned at great cost. It must always be remembered. Hence this trip and so many others as each generation came of age.

The pilot inclined his hand and the vehicle circled whirling back towards the welcoming green haze on the horizon. He of course had no need of the craft, could have been there in an instant. The vehicle was for them, the earthbound, forged of the immense power and light of the being before them. He had always been in awe of the angels.

The joy of the morning.


Sometimes I miss the wonder of it, immersed in plans and busyness, but leaning out of my window on a spring morning I pause to smell the freshness, the scent of nature outside my window, the gentle warmth of the sun on my face, bringing colour and light to the surrounding garden. I remember the beauty of it all and I’m so glad to be alive.

A cradle of hatred spawned and gave birth to atrocity.


We digest the news slowly, our hearts not accepting such notions of hate and delusion – the premeditated murder of children. The act is as atrocious to my Muslim brothers and sisters as to me, yet he did not act alone. Someone had fed him lies, grown him, nourished him, on hate and pride. Perhaps it was his family, perhaps others, maybe one, maybe many, for he was once a child, an innocent. Though he died these individuals remain with blood smeared hands.



Please take a minute to read. Inoculation procedures vary vastly from country to country and for sure there are risks involved particularly in the USA , As a responsible parent take time to research everything that goes into your child’s body and make an informed choice – they depend on you!

All About Healthy Choices

As the battlegrounds are drawn in the sand with an ongoing tug of war over the vaccine efficacy/safety issue, I stand on the sidelines marveling at the lack of concern by those most affected by its outcome. The TRUTH doesn’t seem to matter because the population at large doesn’t seem to care. As long as SOMEONE ELSE is willing to pay for each and every vaccine offered, a willingness to have these substances injected into our children and ourselves continues. We lack CONVICTION and RESPONSIBILITY to make the best informed health care decisions. It is easier to say, “our doctors know best.”  This is nothing more than LAZINESS. We have no interest in spending our “precious” time learning about the RISKS as long as our doctors continue to “claim” the “BENEFITS.”

Publication1cropped500This apathy is more contagious than the conditions we vaccinate against. It spreads beyond the world…

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