It’s happenned!!!


I’ve been weeping tears of joy, the miracle has been confirmed.

Not only has my granddaughter( who was diagnosed diabetes 1 after almost going into a life threatening coma) been totally off insulin for over two months (with a doctor’s OK of course) but tests have shown it is not just a “honeymoon period” as doctors asserted (meaning her pancreas working was temporary and it would soon collapse). Though her pancreas showed some damage from the attack it is functioning close to normal and at least for the present sheΒ  is no longer classified as even diabetes 2!

For those not familiar with these things, diabetes 2 can be treated by diet, but I could find no record of diabetes 1 ever being cured other than by a miracle. She has of course drastically adjusted her diet and will continue to do so (it’s been a life change for their whole family) but that alone could not effect this. I’m so happy I could bounce for joy!

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