When I see mist from my window I cannot resist! Out comes the camersand I head for the lakes!


Dance with the wind.


Oh how profound the lessons we find within a tree,
As gales begin to blow, and surf is raised at sea.
Were their boughs to steadfast stand, unyielding to the end,
They’d all soon break asunder. Instead, they gently bend.
For dancing in the breezes and blowing in the storm,
They may lose leaves or branches, but nothing more’s the norm.
Let’s follow their example, with roots held strong and firm,
In all life’s gales and blusters, the flexible let’s learn.
When life blows up a hurricane, let’s bend before the gale,
And dance, enjoy the toss around, as on the wind we sail.

Run the race.


Life is all a journey as you stumble through the years,
Sometimes through strife and battle and often lonely tears.
Sometimes through days of sunshine, when the soul within you glows
Sometimes in days of certainty, you know the way to go.
Sometimes in bleak confusion, unknowing steps you trace,
But all in all you’ll get there. You too will win the race.
Not one against the other, in striving to compete,
All pushing on and shoving, thrusting others from their feet.
But hand in hand beguiling, each happy golden hour,
The weak and tired enticing to draw upon your power.
Till that gate arriving, when journey meets its end,
You’ll be a man, my brother, a fortress and a friend.

Sorry, no entry!


At first glance it may seem unfeeling or closed minded, but it’s really commonsense mind hygene. “Dirty feet” leave a trail of mud that you’ll have to work hard to wash away, meanwhile you may become a “muck spreader” yourself if you are not careful.

So how do you define dirty feet? A few forms of mud spring to mind – negativity, critical mindedness, gossip, degrading mindsets, predudice, etc. Where can we pick up this mud? Media plays a big part, TV, movies, music, and sadly social media sometimes. Saddest of all is when someone we know, going through a bad time maybe, comes knocking with “dirty feet”. Do we then turn them away? No, what kind of friend would that be, but be on guard. Offer clean, comfy slippers and a bath if needed, but don’t entertain those thoughts.

Most folks don’t want dirty feet and are thankful for your help, but there are those who delight in spreading mud everywhere. Show them the door!

It’s not our constitution.


No, this is not about the US constitution (I’m UK anyway lol!) but a query for a copy of the constitution of the CVSS sailing group I volunteer with. The sailing club that share our lake had noticed that, though from many varied backgrounds, we always seemed to all get along well without the divisions and politics they were having problems with – so common in our society. They figured it must be our constitution that kept us all so happy and unified and thought perhaps they could get some tips from it.
They were wrong of course. Though we must all read the constitution it was hardly something we thought about. The reason for our lack of friction, I feel, had a lot more to do with the volunteers themselves, particularly the founders, who devote a great deal of their time to it, always smiling and encouraging, without any pay etc. To start with, it takes a big hearted person to donate their time free of charge, in all weathers, on a regular basis. Add to that we take the disabled sailing, which takes someone with patience, empathy and good humour. I’ve found with many volunteers they have someone in their close family who is disabled which tends to expand the heart and deepen the spirit. In addition, perhaps it may also have some bearing that a large number of volunteers are retired and thus have reached the maturity of being at peace with who they are. They are not out to establish their place in society so find it easier to let things pass. Also the water, lake, wind, and sun (when there is some lol!) tend to relax and calm frazzled nerves.
I must admit in the three years I’ve been there, I’ve never witnessed even a cross word (though as we are human beings I’m sure there must have been some). Any needed “corrections” are always given with love and a sense of humour and any irritations quickly forgotten. Even debates on politics and Brexit (we do have a few folks with strong opinions lol!) were tactfully deflated and laid to rest by some nonchalant words of wisdom.
I wish society as a whole could operate in this way, but as stated, it would take more than a new constitution.


(Just a few of our volunteers – including all days and seasons we have over two hundred I believe)

beating the air.


A swan lifts from the water

Wings bat feverishly at the air

The body, heavy, resists

Weighing it down,

Creating drag.

Yet it fights

Believing it is destined to fly once more.

It is not glorious and graceful, as is its descent onto the water.

Dignity laid aside

Snow white plumes sullied in spray

It battles opposing currents to gain lift.

So is life.

If you wish to soar

You must first battle, undignified, unwieldly

Caring nought for the observer.

Those bound to the land do not understand

Lacking faith for the battle they look on

Surprised when finally you glide upward

Wings aching but heart swelling

Caught at last in the updraft.