The truth is always simple.


I seem confused by so many issues nowadays, political, social, economic, etc. yet I know the truth, when one finds it, is always simple. It cannot be found in reason, debate or search, (though these are helpful). It just quietly comes with an infinate certainty when you least expect it, and there it is, in all its profoundity and childlike simplicity. It is that very simplicity resounding in your heart that you recognise as truth.

8 thoughts on “The truth is always simple.

  1. To those with a good kind heart, the truth is easy to see, feel and share. Based on the many words you’ve written, it is easy to recognize the wonderful truth you spread. This is what giving is all about!

      • Thank you, Claire!
        I have not had a proper title for this new edition yet. Hope after you read the whole story will help me to get a nice and attractive name for it.

      • I’d love to read it. I found several bits that seemed to be different versions of the same part of the story. Perhaps I can search more thoroughly now I have a little more time.

      • Wonderful! That’s what I need the most. I really appreciate your help. Please let know which version you didn’t quite get. I do hope my readers can picture everything as I pictured.
        Please do!

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