The light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.


I heard the Kurdish version of the story of the wisemen while working in a refugee camp. Kurds are the descendents of the Medes (I didn’t know that either!) So, Daniel (of lion’s den fame) worked for the king of the Medes and trained a school of wise men to follow in his footsteps after he was gone. According to Kurdish tradition the wisemen were “descendants” of Daniel. That’s why they knew about the star and the coming king!

I love it when I discover a new piece of the puzzle. Just wanted to share this little known one. It seems powers that be have long been trying to eradicate much of Kurdish literature which sheds light on their ancient Christian roots. The friend that told me this tale hoped to one day make it to London to search the texts in the British museum, the only remaining sanctuary of these ancient books.


2 thoughts on “The light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.

  1. There is also historical fact that one of the wise men came from north western China. It was really eye opening to see just how far back Christianity was not only in China but how much of it shaped their history.
    An interesting article to read is “Chinese, the language of God.”

    • Ah yes, I read a book about it once while in China. There’s a wonderful documentary called “China confessions” (made I believe by Chinese christians) that speaks of the age long search for “dow” being the lost word of God. Well worth watching (with tissues nearby). It’s the first time I’ve heard about a Chinese wiseman though. I’d be interested to learn more.

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