Excess of joy or sorrow.


I was born while the “stiff upper lip” brand of English was still in evidence. I learned from a child to be strong and keep my emotions on a tight leash. There is something to be said for this early training. I could never have survived and successfully brought up my kids alone without it. You set your feelings aside for the sake of others in order to deal with whatever crisis may arise.
Only in my senior years have I felt able to give my tears free range and I’ve come to realise, for me the things that bring tears most readily are intense joy, beauty and the moving of God’s spirit. It’s very seldom they come from sadness, perhaps my early training precludes much of this, or perhaps I just have a blessed life.
We are often embarrassed when tears come in public, (I still always try to quench them – tears are humbling lol!). However, if I examine my reaction to tears in others they bring feelings of compassion, empathy, and camaraderie.We feel close to those that cry for whatever reason. I don’t mean those self-seeking sorts that cry buckets for attention and think the world revolves around them, but rather those who humbly allow others this glimpse into their inner being, their joy and their sorrow.

3 thoughts on “Excess of joy or sorrow.

  1. One of the greatest sadnesses in my adult life is my total inability (since roughly the age of 10-11 to shed a tear) for any reason. The inability itself (most likely the result of the childhood trauma in my life) never bothered me until I was well into my 40’s. It is now one of the most intense topics of conversation between myself and my Savior. I only say all this because I agree so much with what you said about tears seldom coming from sadness, and since they ARE expressions of SO much else, I wanted people who might feel that tears are in some way a “bad” thing, to understand that life WITHOUT tears, can be far worse.

    • I totally understand what you mean about this. My youngest daughter once said to me after my mother’s funeral. “You are the best mum ever, just perfect, ecept for one thing, I’ve never seen you cry.” It was later after they’d all flown the nest, and I no longer had others dependant on me, the tears returned in full measure. Now I’ve made up for it and get all teary eyed even with little things lol! So, it may happen for you yet! If it does, may they all be tears of joy and empathy.

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