Light, water, trees and the occassional human, my idea of heaven.


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My new favourite walk, that has enticed me to treck three miles around the furthest lake three days in a row to get these shots. (first day I discovered it, second I brought my camera only to discover it was out of battery lol! Today perfect!) The river runs alongside on one side of the lake. I took 98 photos in all (so many gorgeous views!) these are some of my favourites.

5 thoughts on “Light, water, trees and the occassional human, my idea of heaven.

  1. These are such lovely pictures and it seems you are at the heart of nature — the water bodies, having both the river and lake, the thick forest cover and such beautiful setting, it is a photographer delight. I am sure you must thoroughly enjoyed the walk through and the moments of joy that comes in being in the midst of nature.

    • Indeed I’m most wonderfully blessed with three rivers, four lakes, lots of trees and many country walks nearby. I guess God know what delights my heart (coming to live here was an “accident”). The camera was a present from my daughter and granddaughter which helps me be able to share these things a little. Thanks for dropping by and your kind words.

      • Three rivers and four lakes, I must say you are blessed with the best of nature at your backyard, living in a city out of the nature, we understand how much it matters to be with nature and how life has gone haywire with such insensitive urbanization and we all crave for that little time to spend with the beauty and bounty of nature.

        Such has been the utility power of camera though phones have empowered us, nevertheless, we all need to capture those golden moments, great that you are fully using the camera. The art of photography is wonderful engagement.

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