Miracles big and small.


I think it was Einstien who said you must either believe that everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.

I agree, when I look at the glory and infinite variety of the world around me miracles abound. Each plant, insect, bird, animal, the clouds in the sky, the ocean waves, the air we breathe, I could go on forever! The exact position of the earth, the chemical compounds and a thousand elements which if not exact and perfect would eliminate live on earth. I could never believe this all happenned by chance. We are so familiar with the constant replacement of oxygen, the water cycle, our bodies, the eco systems,  etc. etc. etc. we forget what a miracle of creation they are.

Then, over and above these daily miracles we are all familiar with, are those times when God interveens, overstepping the laws of nature, sometimes with possible explanations and sometimes mindblowingly impossible and beyond our understanding. I’ve had the blessing of being party to hundreds of both types of these miracles. Perhaps it’s due to my childlike nature (I never quite grew up lol!) Faith grows like a muscle as it is exercised, even so with miracles, the more we experience them the more have faith for more.

I was convicted by a remark of my son about our family tree,that there are some things only I know about and they’ll be lost if I don’t pass them on. I realised this applies equally to miracles I’ve been party to, so I’ve decided to start a new section on my blog to relate some of my miracle stories.

Perhaps I should add a “taster” here lol! What I guess I should call mymost common miracle as it’s happenned 5 times now over the last 40 years!

It first happenned soon after I found Jesus, I was cooking with a large pot of water and chatting to someone as I worked. His mouth suddenly dropped open and he let out a gasp. I’d just placed several eggs on the bottom of the pan, submerging my hand, not noticing the water was boiling. Not only was my hand not burnt but I didn’t even notice it was hot.

Years later I recounted this story to some young friends of my children. They asked me to demonstrate (as kids do lol!) I said no way! But a few days later they got their demo when I again put my hand in boiling water (their mum had lit the gas ready to cook without me noticing). You must think me very spacy and you’d be right (my guardian angel must get special rates!) After this I did not put my hand into hot water again, but I did, on three occassions, accidently spill boiling water over my hand while draining veg etc. Each time not a mark, my hand even felt like it had something cold around it on a couple of occassions.

There is absolutely no explanation for this other than God loves me and protects even when I’m tripped off or not being careful.

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