What’s left behind?


“To everything there is a season”
Why this text again, again?
For all of life there is a reason.
Every season has its gain.
As leaves flutter, soil enriching
Whence tomorrow’s crop will grow
To every time, to every season
Blessings harboured to bestow.
So they follow, so they follow,
Forth so richly to endow
A lingering of depth and beauty
The latter process to enshroud.
Nothing lost, as forth in nature
Only transformation rules.
When time is over, spreading riches
Heavenly and sweet perfumes.
Something lingers, something lingers,
Essence of eternal flame.
Bringing hope and exultation
Glory to His heavenly name.
Dig down deeply, dig down deeply,
To the seasons swiftly past.
There you’ll find in rich abundance
Fertile soil for growth at last.


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