The real war. (miracles seris)


“I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy.” (Luke 10:19)
Sometimes we forget the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual. Spending a great deal of my life in the far east I became aware the powers of darkness are real – however God’s power is much greater.
The next true miracle story is an illustration of this. Since this is often a foreign concept to those brought up in a mostly Christian culture perhaps first I can give an example of how this kind of thing manifests itself.
Whilst in Taiwan I saw what I assumed to be a movie set. A crowd of people surrounded a young teenager drenched in blood, (so much so I felt the make up department had overdone it). In his hand he held what looked like a spiked mace. I soon realized this was no movie, the blood was real. Seeming to feel no pain, he was repeatedly hitting himself with the mace and blood was pouring. I finally found someone who spoke English to explain what was going on as another boy convulsed in what looked similar to an epileptic fit. Surrounding men thrust a mace into his hands as the excited man beside me explained proudly, “the Gods eat their bodies!” I was horrified. Fireworks were being set off to scare away evil spirits and a huge crowd followed. It was too much for me to challenge directly. Returning home I prayed desperately for rain, knowing they’d stop if they couldn’t set off the fireworks. Thankfully God answered with a deluge.
I’d heard about these thing before, failed students could make a lot of money as vehicles for the spirits in these processions, generally to bring luck for a business venture or something. These practices are outlawed in mainland China but still exist in Taiwan. It was the first and only time I saw one. While perhaps the most upsetting this was only one example of things we encountered.
I have no explanation for the following story. It was very weird and happened for no apparent reason. One of my daughters (then a toddler) was sitting in her highchair when she grew restless. I looked on mesmerised as a very distinct red line encircled her toes, in seconds rising up her body leaving her lower body scarlet. It wasn’t a flush or like anything I’ve seen before or since. The skin on one side of the line was bright red on the other white. As it reached her head she began to scream. I grabbed her from the chair as my husband and a Christian friend, long resident in the far east, rushed in.
“We need to pray!” the friend urged laying hands on her and desperately rebuking the devil. We all joined in and slowly the process happened in reverse. The red line receded back down her body and disappeared from her toes. She stopped screaming as soon as it left her head and promptly got up and went to play with her toys on the floor, seemingly totally undisturbed. The whole incident took less than five minutes. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. I’ve since asked doctors if there is any physical explanation, but none had heard of anything like it. Whether she had some affliction and was instantly healed or whether it was an attack I don’t know. Physical or spiritual, from that moment on I realised the authority we have in Jesus name.

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