God loves us all (miracle series)


So here’s another true story of God’s miracles. I didn’t witness this one personally but I’d like to include it as I was closely involved and know the guy who recounted it to me to be a man of great integrity and not inclined to exageration. Most important of all I want to share it because it concerned Christians and Muslims praying together in love and unity.

I worked alongside a wonderful family who were involved helping Kurdish refugees in Greece for a short time. There are many incredible stories to tell of this period but this one I heard about later from the father who was visiting London at the time.

The Greek government had given the refugees the use of a camp over the winter hoping to be able to move them on when the tourists began to arrive in spring. Though most did actually pass through and on to France, UK and Germany there were always more coming to take their place.

It seems, getting angrier and angrier, the local restaurant owners (who made their money from the tourists that generally used the camp in the summer months) took to desparate measures in hopes of driving them out. Nothing was proved for sure, but several small fires were started in the area with the prevailing winds blowing the flames towards the camp. In summer the grass is tinder dry in Greece and the blaze was soon out of control. A wall of fire six foot high was soon leaping toward the camp while the residents tried frantically to evacuate (minus transport or help of any kind.) I’ve seen these type of fires at close quarters and it is terrifying! All that stood between the camp and the blaze was a simple wire fence.  My friend began praying desperately joined by his Muslim brothers. The fire came on in leaps and bounds, but just as it reached the wire fence the wind changed direction blowing the fire away from the camp.

Amazingly no one was hurt (though it seemed the retreating fire destroyed several restaurants). All gave praise to God together as one, the fence making a clear demarkation line between black ashes and dry untouched ground.

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