The really important news – The World won!


While consoling my football fan daughter over England’s loss to Croasia a thought came to me. Up staging even the world cup has been the drama of the football team stranded in the Tia cave.

Sometimes we can get confused about what’s important and who the real heroes are. While I don’t begrudge the England team their moment of glory and appreciation for their efforts. To call them heroes is a gross injustice to those who daily rick ytheir lives, police, firemen, soldiers, and yes, rescue teams. Let’s leave this terminology for those to whom it truely belongs. There are other words we can use to describe the youngsters who cracked the penalty curse and brough us to the quarter finals.

The men who risked their lives to bring food, oxygen, light etc. who stayed in the cave with them, who got them out. These are the true heroes, and the most wonderful thing of all about the Tai football news is how everyone worked together, pooling talents and resources with a common goal. Those that couldn’t dive cooked, ferried supplies, did laundry etc. So many nations working and praying together – the result? the world won!

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