Had some bad news lately?


“He will not be afraid of evil tidings.”(Ps. 112 – 7) My first thought coming across this verse was “Great! We won’t have evil tidings!” Second thought, but we do, (just listen to the news!) and what about the verse “many are the afflictions of the righteous?” (PS 34:19) The answer lies in the continuation of verse 19, “but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” Psa. 112 also continues, “His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is established. He will not be afraid.”

It becomes clear. It is not we will never get evil tidings, but that, when we do, we need not be afraid if we are truly trusting Jesus as we know He will take care it all.

I’m for the third time reading through the entire Bible (I’ve read the new testament numerous times but parts of the old are heavy going). One thing I’ve noticed is just how many times it says to “be of good courage” or to “not fear”. Fear robs us of our faith and expectancy. How often we suffer needlessly through fear. Was it Mark Twain that said, “I’ve had many troubles in my life, most of which never happened?” It’s a true saying.

There are so many instances in the Bible where “evil tidings” caused God’s children to fear and loose the power and blessing of God. The report of the spies about the promised land being a classic example. They heard about the giants and walled cities and were afraid to go in. Instead they wandered in the wilderness for forty years till a new generation rose that had the faith God would help them claim the land. The spies had not been lying about the giants etc. an evil report is not necessarily untrue, what was wrong was the fear. Joshua saw the giants too but had faith God was bigger.

Sickness and troubles often come double headed. There’s the actual problem, then there’s the accompanying fear. The problem is often real, and we must deal with it with God’s help, but fear is a spirit we must rebuke if it is not to take hold and steal our power and connection with God. Fear is deadly, it brings bondage.


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