Return to your rest, oh my soul.


Being a member of several prayer groups it can sometimes become overwhelming hearing of all the crisis, problems and troubles. It had almost got to the point that I felt I could no longer continue receiving so much “bad news”. I dropped a few hints that folks could also post answers to prayer to keep more of a balance. Some did, God bless them, but it still seems the urgency of need is not always balanced by the sharing of testimonies. To be honest, I’d begun to view receiving prayer requests as an increcing burden which I felt inadiquate to carry, particularly as people begin to look to you rather than the Lord.

I’ve heard a lot of, “but if you pray Jesus answers you” etc. It’s not true of course, He will answer any prayer prayed with faith and conviction, but their expectancy hinged on your prayers, rather than on God’s word, can bring a burden no one should ever carry. Though God gave us the power in Jesus name to heal, do miracles etc. we are not God. Those things are for His shoulders alone.

Then I came upon this verse today, “Return to your rest, oh my soul.”  How? I wondered. I recalled the verse, “They that believe have entered into rest,” so believing is the key to being able to rest. Understanding came like a flash. I long since learned to give my problems/loved ones wholy into Jesus’ keeping, knowing He cared/loved them more than me and had far more power than me to provide/heal/protect etc.

I realised it was just the same with prayer requests – pray confidently, claim the promises and believe. I realised I needed to add one more thing. Having made intercession I needed to then give them to God, letting go of all fear, responsibility and care, and “return to rest,” in that wonderful place under His wings knowing He’s got it all covered.


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